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Hardware Store  | Benson Home Supply

Finding a hardware supply store that can point you in the right direction is imperative for properly solving your home repair or home improvement issue...

Lumber Supplies  | Benson Home Supply

Unfortunately, big name giant stores have driven many of the local lumber supply businesses across the country out of business.We have not only...

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Gardening supplies can refer to an abundance of products, garden tools, and lawn tools. Here at Benson Home Supply, we view gardening and...

If you enjoy gardening, Benson Home Supply guarantees they have everything you need for your garden.

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Fixing the economy starts on a micro level. Before these giant, mass production, corporate chains of home supply stores swarmed the nation and drove local stores to bankruptcy, there was a strong sense of community in small towns and regions all over the country. Customers who are loyal to their community and local businesses are the reason we are still standing after all of these years.

We carry inventory that will meet all of your home improvement and repair needs. Our focus on community throughout the years has allowed us the privilege of having a loyal customer base in the Ripley, MS area, and our reputation for fast, friendly customer service keeps us in business. Benson Home Supply puts great emphasis on employing a knowledgeable staff that is fully capable of pointing you in the right direction in your quest to solve your problem.

From tiki torches to hardwood stains, we have everything you could hope to find at a local home supply store. Let us know what you think, as our customer input guides us in focusing on continuous improvements that increase your satisfaction as a customer. Come on down to Benson Home Supply today, and let us guide you to a well-maintained and updated home that you can be proud of.